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from trial series up to large projects


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The Zircon Group OÜ is one of the leading tool making company in the Baltic Countries.


The company offers full range support and help in product development from vision to finished mass-product: engineering, product design, part optimization, prototypes, moulding/stamping tools, part manufacturing (injection moulding, stamping) and secondary operations & assembly.

Zircon has a reputation for manufacturing quality, efficient tools with high production stability.  Our aim is to establish a close working relationship with all our customers. Therefore we recognise the need for a high level of service which most importantly includes, meeting tight deadlines and delivering quality products at competitive prices.



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Plastic injection molds
Plastic injection molds

Set of plastic injection moulds for water-meter parts

Machined parts
Machined parts

Precise machined parts for Estonian Association of Designers.

Injection moulds
Injection moulds

Set of injection moulds for production of plastic water pipes (RF)

Plastic injection mould
Plastic injection mould

Set of plastic injection molds for speed camera body

Stamping tools
Stamping tools

Dies set for header heater parts (Mexico)

Deep drawing tool
Deep drawing tool

High-volume deep drawing high-precision dies for filter parts (UK)

2-k rubber mold
2-k rubber mold

2-components rubber injection mold for button parts (RF)

high precision part
high precision part

High precision part (Mexico)

Plastic injection moulds
Plastic injection moulds

Plastic injection moulds with bow and flatness compensation for automotive parts car radiator tanks (USA market)

Plastic injection moulds
Plastic injection moulds

Plastic injection mould for vacuum cleaner parts (Kärcher, Germany)

Stator rotor sheets
Stator rotor sheets

High-speed tungsten carbide dies for different stator rotor sheets of submersible pump (Russian market)

Plastic injection moulds
Plastic injection moulds

Injection moulds for automotive parts: hardback seat and net frame (Volvo)




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Head Office

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74010 Lubja küla, Viimsi vald,

Harju Estonia

Tel: +372 6 205 900

Fax:+372 6 205 901


To apply for a job with Zircon, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Aleksander Kuzin


Marina Dreger

Marketing manager

+372 6 205 905

Heleri Kaivo

Office manager

+372 6 205 900




In association with increasing the capacity and effectiveness of its production Zircon Group OÜ hereby announces the following tender:

  • LPG boiler system with fuel tank and liquefied gas evaporator (tender offer submitting deadline 25.05.2021 15:00 GMT +3 (Estonian time), the works must be accepted no later than 5 months after signing the contract).

For additional information, please register to the tender in the Estonian E-Procurement Register (reference number 235418)

The project is being supported by the European Regional Development Fund (Project number 2014-2020.4.03.20-0628).

This is not a public procurement defined by the Public Procurement Act. However, the tender process follows the principles of Public Procurement Act § 3.